More Local Jobs

Bristol West is the economic hub of the City; we need to keep it that way. I will promote Bristol West as a place for business investment.

The Conservative economic plan is working. Five years ago, Britain was reeling from the chaos of Labour's great recession, in 2014 we were the fastest growing of all the major economies. There are now 760,000 more businesses than in 2010, providing jobs and wealth across the country.

I want this economic success to be part of Bristol's story. We have seen unemployment continue to come down in the city, we need to continue this. If elected your MP I will bring businesses and communities together. Our local conservative MPs have all held jobs fairs in their most needy areas, and I will do the same. Jobs fairs allow jobseekers to access many major business recruiters in one day, they prove highly successful and they will be a priority for me if elected your MP.