Apprenticeships Work!

Ever wondered what the politicial headlines mean in practice?

Take the latest – 1.8 million more apprenticeships.

Well here’s a good news story behind a slogan.

Here are Sam, Tom and Pete. Sam did an apprenticeship in engineering a few years back, he started a building business. He took on Tom as an apprentice in carpentry and joinery – he was so good he is now employed as a project manager. Tom now trains Pete ….. the story continues. The beauty of the scheme is Sam trains and then employs people he knows have the same commitment to quality that he has. The apprentice learns lifelong skills and has job at the end – a step on the career ladder. Good news all round (including me, who is a very happy customer – great job guys!)
These apprenticeship opportunities have meant thriving new businesses, new jobs created and secure futures for those that train through them. A real good news story!