Horfield Parking nightmare - have your say

Five years on from the opening of the Brunel wing at Southmead hospital and local residents are still suffering from the effects of bad planning.

The new wing brought 4000 extra staff to the site, which is great news for health care in the area but the lack of adequate affordable parking for staff has meant local streets have become rammed with cars. Some roads are so bad that emergency vehicles can't pass down them. Many residents are constantly blocked in by bad and dangerous parking and occasionally things get heated and many arguments and threats of violence have resulted. This is no way for local residents to be expected to live and neither is it fair on NHS staff who need to be able to get to work easily without stress (their jobs are stressful enough already!).

I am asking people affected to have their say by completing the survey at https://www.bsgconservatives.com/horfield-parking-survey 

I am meeting with the Hospital and the Council's cabinet member for Transport soon to present your views and the solutions that would work for you.