Prospective MP Claire Hiscott Criticises Latest Announcement on Libraries


Claire Hiscott has expressed her dismay after hearing that seven Bristol libraries are at risk from closure. In a briefing received by Councillors, Redland and Clifton Libraries were among those cited as those failing on their potential to deliver.


Claire said: “I am very saddened by the Council’s proposals that effectively amount to possible closure of libraries in Bristol West - and with what appears to be a very limited review of residents’ responses.


“Many residents, including the elderly and the young, have come to rely on Clifton and Redland libraries but they are now among those which are threatened with potential closure. To many people Redland library is a life line - they have free access to books and the internet at an easily accessible site for those with disabilities.


“But children and young people are set to suffer most because their needs appear to have been disregarded with these latest proposals. Quiet study space and access to books are the things that shape young people and enable them to achieve in education. This has been completely disregarded in the consultation. Local Conservatives will fight to save these and all local libraries, from our MP to councillors and candidates.”


Claire also spoke of her disappointment that staff heard the news through the media rather than through the proper channels: “They will undoubtedly be very worried and the lack of clarity will make them feel very anxious.”