About Claire Hiscott

Currently in Bristol there is a ten year age gap in life expectancy depending on where you live. It’s not the location that influences this fact, it’s your opportunities in education, work and healthcare.

As a pharmacist in the NHS I’ve seen so many factors affect people’s lives over the last 20 years and that’s what propelled me into politics and believe it’s only the Conservative party that really delivers on social mobility.

For the last 7 years as a local councillor I have been working every day to improve the opportunities for everyone in our city. 

I have secured £150k for a community centre in my ward of Horfield and the plans are currently being approved so work can start soon. 

I helped set up the WORKS programme - getting work experience placements for young people so they can aspire to careers they may never have known about. I was part of the bid team that secured over £4m for the West of England to improve skills training for those in low waged employment. I am determined that everyone gets access to the opportunities they deserve to improve life for themselves and their families.

I am part of the cross-party group to make Bristol a carbon neutral city and am challenging the Mayor to improve air quality. 

Getting stuff done is what I love!

I am delighted to have been elected to serve the Conservative party as chair of the Bristol and Gloucester Area and will be supporting Conservatives across the region get out the message about the work they are doing to improve their towns and cities.