I am supporting the Forward UK campaign to end FGM which is still prevelant in some parts of the city. I meet with campaigners regularly to discuss how we, as a community, can come together to support their cause.

Healthier Lifestyles

I have worked in the NHS for 25 years. I want to see a greater focus on health promotion, sustainable environments and lifestyles.As a local councillor I have been an active memeber of the Bristol Health and Wellbeing board, particularly championing healthier lifestyles, including reducing acohol related disease, better access to sexual health advice and promoting early diagnosis campaigns.

Opportunity for All

As a mother of teenagers I am committed to seeing every young Bristolian reach their potential.I will continue to support our local schools and work to ensure our young people have access to the training that is right for them.Visiting an apprentice at Airbus showed me how vital it is that our young people find the right situation for training and learning, we must realise that 'one size does not fit all'.

Sustainable Housing

Being  a City constituency we must provide greener, more affordable homes for our growing population. With a lack of space in Bristol West we will need to be creative with our brownfield sites and ensure the homes we build are energy efficient and affordable. 

More Local Jobs

Bristol West is the economic hub of the City; we need to keep it that way. I will promote Bristol West as a place for business investment.The Conservative economic plan is working. Five years ago, Britain was reeling from the chaos of Labour's great recession, in 2014 we were the fastest growing of all the major economies. There are now 760,000 more businesses than in 2010, providing jobs and wealth across the country.

Better Public Transport

We need more trains and better bus services to solve our traffic problems. I shall work for integrated public transport with smart ticketing and sensible fares.