Healthier Lifestyles

I have worked in the NHS for 25 years. I want to see a greater focus on health promotion, sustainable environments and lifestyles.

As a local councillor I have been an active memeber of the Bristol Health and Wellbeing board, particularly championing healthier lifestyles, including reducing acohol related disease, better access to sexual health advice and promoting early diagnosis campaigns.

I am delighted this government has returned the public health budget to local authority control - this means Bristol can target the health issues particularly affecting our communities. 

I am proud to support charities such as Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and the Alzheimers society in their work to promote symptom awareness for faster diagnosis and early treatment. We need these organisations to support our NHS and I am very proud of the amazing work they do.

I am fully committed to an NHS that is always free at the point of need, I will work to ensure this continues and that patients and their families recieve quality care. Only by building a strong economy can we continue to invest in our public services, and I am delighted that a Conservative government will continue to increase NHS funding in line with the NHS five year plan.